Creative/Art Direction

Andy Hobsbawm
Managing Director, Agency.com, London

Everyone who worked with Toni thought her utterly awesome to work with and have as part of the team. She is a super talented, creative and strategic Art Director who has a wonderful way with her team and clients. She has a rational eye and emotional feel for beauty and creativity way beyond regular interactive/ interface designers and digital art directors, and you can see this in her amazing photography (which everyone who knows her is incredibly proud of).

Ella Oates
Interactive Marketing Manager, T-Mobile

Toni is passionate about good creative design and always produces very high quality work. She is able to grasp creative briefs and objectives quickly which enables her to deliver work that is very near completion almost straight away. Toni is an excellent communicator and good at leading and inspiring her team as well as clients. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Toni and her work.

Chris Coomber
Strategic Consultant, Agency.com, London

I worked with Toni over the course of a few months. Toni is amazingly committed to her work and consistently delivers VERY high quality creative concepts and executions. She has a great rapport with clients, who trust her judgment and who will listen to her.


Joan Cusick
Director of Public Relations, Charles Schwab

Toni’s honest, documentary approach was exactly what we were looking for. Plus, a positive experience working together matters to me as much as great-quality photographs. With so many photographers, you get one but not the other. But Toni was a dream to work with, a true member of our team, who won over every Schwab client and employee she met. And the images she produced were beautiful and integral to our story.

David Stuart Cannon
Executive Director of Creative Intelligence, Unboundary

I’ve worked on several projects with Toni over the years and have nothing but great things to say about her and her photography work. Our work together on telling Charles Schwab client stories was most enjoyable. Her work ethic is admirable. Her demeanor and ability to relate to the people she’s shooting is invaluable. Finding a first-rate photojournalist with a great eye; who is flexible and fairly unflappable and delivers great quality work is rare. And Toni is a find. I appreciate her ability to truly capture people’s personalities within their natural environments — whether that was a millionaire or a tug boat captain. I would not hesitate to both work with Toni again and again; nor would I hesitate to recommend her.

Barbara Ludwig Coleman
Senior Manager of Creative Services, Cleveland Clinic

Summarizing Toni and her work is difficult without going on at length. She is the consummate professional and her work is stunning. Toni photographed the images for Cleveland Clinic’s 2011 annual report, whose narrative was about all employees (clinical and non) being caregivers. Central to portraying that theme was capturing images of patients also. It was my personal pleasure to be able to accompany Toni and gain access for her to some of the Clinic’s most acutely ill patients in order to shoot. Not only did her work capture the acuity of their illnesses and injuries, but her work was, at the same time, approachable and even inviting: One was invited into each person’s story. The tonality, composition and unique angles were, simply put, remarkable. Toni was able to discreetly work around each patient, not disturbing them, but at times when they made contact with her, she warmed to each individual. They reciprocated in finding her as approachable as her work. I would love an opportunity to work with Toni again and would highly recommend her if you are looking for that elusive quality in a photographer’s images.



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